“Emotional intelligence method is like any other type of learning: you first need to learn the pieces in isolation, but then you can start to put the pieces together and apply them. That is when the learning is most beneficial, when the students can apply it and take it with them through life”
Dan Goleman's, Emotional Intelligence
Why calling Lethe a project about the emotional intelligence?
*In classical Greek, Lethe literally means "forgetfulness" or "concealment". In Greek mythology, Lethe is one of the several rivers of Hades. Drinking from the river Lethe ("forgetfulness" or "oblivion") caused complete forgetfulness. Some ancient Greeks believed that souls were made to drink from the river before being reincarnated, so they would not remember their past lives.
*According to the traditional perception of the inner life, the meaning of this project is discovering the very huge part of every person hided in the emotional and sensitive feeling belonging to every human beings and helping the educational system to take into account the emotions and the feelings of pupils, parents and teachers.
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