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It is a dedicated, education focused resource to enable a collaborative and unique net made up of several organizations from all over Europe: Research Centres, Educational and training bodies, Local Communities, Universities, Schools, Trade Unions, Companies, teachers, trainers, adult, youth and cultural organizations, NGOs, national, regional or local authorities.
Promoted by Centro Studi e Formazione Villa Montesca, the Montesca Network gets together several members from different countries for cooperating and enhancing a common strategy toward a European space of culture and education.
MN forms a link between research and practice by helping its partners to obtain a clearer understanding of developments in the education and training field. It also stimulates stakeholders helping them to draw conclusions for future action, and identify trends and future questions.
Among its purposes, the Montesca Network aims at developing projects to be submitted to ad hoc calls for proposal of the European Commission or national authorities in the research, education fields for mutual advantage
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